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The Best of 2008:
An empowering and soul stirring, 5 message collection of Dr. Gibson's most requested sermons of 2008! Included in this collection is the motivating "It's All Good" preached live at the Life Center Church in Orlando, FL.

2008 brought challenge after challenge and test after test. The Christian must know that no matter what it looks like it's just "Testing Time."

Satan thought he left you defenseless in 2008 through his consistent attacks, BUT WE SERVE NOTICE THAT "My Praise Is My Weapon."

In 2008 did you feel that no matter how hard you tried things seemed to get worst? You will be encouraged to know that your work is not in vain through the message, "When Hard Work Is Hardly Working."

Are you experiencing problem after problem in your marriage, finances, health and other areas? Remind yourself that Satan is defeated and "I Got My Foot On It."

Your hope will soar and your joy will awaken as you enjoy The Best of 2008! 5 of Dr. Gibson's most requested spirit-enlightening and challenging series of messages!

The Best of 2008 DVD Set (6)

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