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The Classics Volume II:
Reaches back into the archives to bring you 3 DYNAMIC MESSAGES INCLUDING:
"God Has A Plan": Have you been wondering why you are going through the things that you are experiencing? Be encouraged, no matter what the situation looks like "God Has A Plan" for your life!

"The Man at the Gate": Acts 3 tells the story of a man who sat at the gate called Beautiful.. The man was lame from his mother's womb and carried daily to the temple where he could beg. He was always at the gate, but never could he enter the gate. The gate represents the insurmountable things that we can not seem to overcome. Many are at the gate of bad marriages, sickness and even financial distress. Just like the man in this story, God is saying, "RISE UP AND WALK". Enjoy "The Man at the Gate.

"Field Of Dreams": God gave Joseph a dream in this message and although it took some time for the manifestation, Joseph's dream became a reality. Just like God took Joseph from the pit to the palace, He is faithful to bring our dream to pass. "God is not a man, that He should lie; Does He speak and then not act? Does He promise and not fulfill?" The answer is NO! If God has given you a dream, "Don’t allow your setbacks to cause you to sit back, but get ready for a comeback"!

The Classics Volume 2

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